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Focus on relationships, not sales.

It’s a business based on relationships. The counselor continues to listen before speaking. Never talk about costs before discussing the specific needs and goals of your clients. For practical as well as political reasons, few companies want to hire regular or recurring consultants. To do this, you must touch several doors, maintain contact and maintain good relationships through their work. Reputation is paramount and it is important to stay on the customer’s radar.

Remember that opportunities often result from new business or sudden and urgent problems. Then you want to think of the ideal person to help you. He must maintain personal networks and fight at all costs for personal interaction.

Sell results.

Price per hour and you are considered a commodity. Instead, let customers pay attention to the enduring value you create and install based on the scope of work and the end results. Never discuss the question of whether your business is being used, but how and provide a set of possible cost and value scenarios, starting with your baseline requirements.

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Ongoing services.

Some consulting firms derive their gross income from current monthly returns. Recurring fees make sense if the consultant provides ongoing services or marketing assistance. It is more a function of the external staff than a consultation. If you have done a good job, you have solved the problem, so be prepared to continue.

Always close.

To succeed as a consultant, you must spend as much time acquiring new business as doing the tasks assigned to you. I found that the average time between first contact and engagement could range from 2 weeks to 6 months.

With thousands of home-based businesses now fighting for visibility, partners finally buy from you and your vision, as well as real services. Presenting a combination of case studies, testimonials and customer samples can also be a powerful driver of activity. Potential employers want to see what you have done to help them know what you are capable of, become KNOWN until then you are just another business.

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