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How to determine your link strength – a high ranked blog writes an article and includes a link to your website, that link is going to be much more valuable than a link on a low ranked blog. So, how can you receive valuable links? It’s simple! Ocean City NJ SEO say’s create something worth linking to!

The most valuable links are the natural ones. If somebody has written an article about something you have created and puts your link there, it’s most likely many others will do the same because that means you have created something useful and qualitative.

Easier said than done. It requires skill, planning, research, creativity and hard work. This is the reason why most webmasters or SEO wannabees try to cheat the system and go with spam links.

What are Spam Links?

Spam linking is basically an unorthodox way of link building, by creating links to places like blogs, forums, link farms, directories, social media, article directories, etc. The thing is that Google’s algorithms are getting better and better and they usually spot this spam links which lower your rank, so spam linking can do a lot of damage to your website.

Link spammers generally create links that are not merit-based. Therefore, the links you buy from them may work for a while but ultimately will stop working.

There are also link-building companies, which are using mostly the link spam method. If you use their services, it’s like building your house in quick sand.

Link trading is also a bad idea. When it comes to link building, Google wants to see links that you’ve earned. They want to see links that you deserve because you have something of good quality to offer.

What is the safe way to link building?

SEO in Ocean City New Jersey say’s white-hat method is the safest and the best way. I know it takes a lot of time and work, but that is the right and fair way and it is more convenient for a long term.

Some common safe ways for link building:

Try building a community which interacts with your website and with each other. Research into understanding what content your target audience is looking for. Create unique and qualitative content.

Links from original images – Bloggers usually try to find good/targeted images for their articles. So, if they use an image from you, and they play fair you will get a link to the image source.

Promoting your website to relevant groups of people by writing personalized messages.

Use Guest Blogging – contact bloggers to ask if you could guest blog. If they accept, you can get a few links from the posts and also traffic (if the blogs are popular).

Organize contests and giveaways – you can organize a contest for your audience in which they have to write articles about a product of yours or about your site.

Use social media – Delicious, Digg, and Pinterest offers a bit of link equity through social bookmarks. Also if you have a Twitter account, then you’ve got plenty of easy links from the Twitter profile links. Google+ shares also help.

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