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Building Better Businesses

To become a network super hero requires strategy, discipline, and focus. This publication offers suggestions that will help you improve your game. The more you do it, the better you will become.

A meaningful conversation is discouraging for some people. As you describe, you spend time each week reading articles about current events, sports, local issues, and political or business issues.

If you can only study for one hour a week, do it. If you can spend more time, it’s even better. It will not take you several weeks to accumulate a knowledge base that you can use.

There are two reasons why expanding your knowledge base is important.

You can contribute and add value to conversations
2. Make a fund available to ask intelligent questions

Your business card is your logo.

If you own your business, invest in a designer. Format your card to be clean and attractive. Make sure the most important contact information circulates and is easy to read.

You are the first impression. Your business card is the second.

Invest in a thicker paper. You lose $$$ when your potential customer leaves a negative impression because of a weak card full of useless information.

Put your cards in a bag and store them so they can be taken out easily. Take the other person’s card, look at it and put it in the opposite pocket.

Find tradeshows to attend, you can collect 20 to 30 cards. After completing a conversation, go to the page and write the relevant notes on the back of each person’s card. The signs will remind you why you must remember who you are.

Who will be there?
Look at the next event to get an idea of who will be there. If you have access to a list of participants, identify the people you want to meet.

Do not think too much about preparation. If it’s a business event, there are probably people who want to know. I attended events where I did not know anyone and came home with 3-4 solid leads.

Objectives of the segment
When designing your plan, think about the segments. This informal process will help you think strategically.
1. Perspectives
2. Existing customers
3. Suppliers
4. Cooperation partners
5. Connections
6. Sources of information

Never underestimate a conversation. Respect everyone.
Why? First of all, it’s the professional thing to do. Secondly, you never know what influence the person you are talking to or influencing. Third, the person who really wants to impress can see that he is a moron. A bad first impression is hard to beat.

SEO & Social media
Make sure your SEO & social media channels target your small business. If your name is googled, what will be displayed? Try it Google your name

In the current business environment, there is no night or day through social networks. There is no professional life completely separate from your personal life. If your private accounts are loaded with obscene or indecent comments, they will go. They will be found. Hire a professional SEO branding expert to help build your online presence since everyone nowadays has mobile access being found online is the top priority in building your business.